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The Wayward Women



DATES: March 17 – April 2nd
VENUE: Mary’s Attic (5400 N Clark Street)
SYNOPSIS: The Wayward Women is an Elizabethan-style comedy inspired by Twelfth Night. Cordelius, a Swiss Nobleman, and his bondman Julian are cast by mischance upon the isle of Amosa, where women rule and men are the gentler sex. The Duchess Penti Celia welcomes them to the Festival of the New Moon, but celebrations are marred by the egomaniacal sparring of the wastrel knights Dame Anu (the virtuous) and Dame Grendela (the fartuous). Posturing, singing, squabbling, seducing, and all manner of cunning color the Dames’ plots to embarrass and one-up one another, and the poor men soon find themselves hapless pawns in their game.

“I was astounded this wasn’t an actual Shakespeare play that I somehow missed- [McDaris] displays such a talent for writing dialogue that I will endeavor to see any play he’s written… I cannot recommend this show enough… It is original, playful, hilarious, and you can tell that every single person involved in this production put everything they had into it… A solid 4 of 4 stars.” – Patrick Bushnell

Stage Manager: Kari Warning
Assistant State Manager: Tiffany Tuck
Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lighting: Benjamin Dionysus
Fight Direction: Justin Verstraete
Guest Fight Director, “The Duel”: Orion Couling
Production Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
Director: Jared McDaris

CAST (in order of appearance)
Cordelius: Jack Sharkey
Julian: Adrian Garcia
Flachel: Nathan Ducker
Duchess: Amanda Carson
Magistress: Lauren Miller
Dame Anu the Black: Sarah Liz Bell
Dame Grendela the Green: Alexandra Boroff
Pinne: Katy Jenkins
Aquiline: Gilly Guire
A Swiss Messenger: JD Whigham

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