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The Passion of Boudicca

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DATES: September 7 – September 30
VENUE: Chase Park Theater, 4701 N Ashland Ave
SYNOPSIS: After the death of the Iceni tribe’s king, Queen Boudicca was left to face the Roman incursion alone. The Empire demanded she bend the knee to Nero, which she refused. To bring her to heel, the Roman soldiers sacked her town, scourged her, and sexually assaulted her daughters. But Boudicca was not easily broken. She united the local tribes and wrecked the Roman army for years. But the army has rebuilt, and has come to end the conflict once and for all. Taking its inspiration from Coriolanus and As You Like It (with a tiny sprinkling of King Lear and Henry VI, and particles of others), The Passion of Boudicca pits Pride against Love, Law against Integrity, and Nature against Individuality.

“Exhilarating and inspiring historical fiction!” – Mark Anthony Child
“A shout out… to playwright/director Jared McDaris, for hoodwinking me completely into thinking I was watching the genuine article, a “forgotten” Elizabethan play that had escaped my attention all these years.” – Herb Metzler

Stage Manager: Roxie Kooi
Assistant Stage Manager: Eve Doyle
Assistant Director: Emily Brantz
Costumes: Kat Anderson
Lighting: Benjamin Dionysus
Fight Direction: Lana Whittington
Assistant Fight Director: Kate Lass
Intimacy: Charlie Baker
Production Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
Director: Jared McDaris
Actors’ Representative: Katy Jenkins

Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni:
Jessica Goforth
Maeve, her first Daughter:
Katy Jenkins
Brigid, her second Daughter:
Sarah Jean Tilford
Beatrice, a Foundling:
Danielle Mohrbach
Paulinus, a Roman Governor:
Joshua Carroll
Catus, a Roman Prefect:
JD Whigham
Cassio Dion, his Lieutenant:
Nathan Ducker
Tacit, his Leiutenant:
Charlie Baker
Scyllia, a lunatic braggart:
Kaelea Rovinsky
Ester, a Shepherdess:
Gilly Guire
Helio, a Shepherd:
Kamron Palmer
Modred, a Clown:
Allison Sokolowski

Sarah Liz Bell
Sabrina Harms
Kevin Johnson
Kate Lass
Ian Maryfield
Lana Whittington

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Poster Art by Joan Varitek

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