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Countess Bathory



DATES: June 9 – 25
VENUE: 4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 405
SYNOPSIS: Countess Bathory is an Elizabethan-style tragedy based on the life of Elizabeth Bathory. Alleged to have brutally murdered hundreds of servants and bathed in the blood of young women to retain her legendary beauty, Elizabeth Bathory was simultaneously a subject of persecution and a powerful political figure in 16th and 17th century Hungary. Countess Bathory, modeled after Richard III, takes all the rumor and myth as fact, depicting Elizabeth as a mad tyrant fighting desperately to overcome her detractors, her political opponents, and her own dissolving grip on reality.

“GO SEE THIS PLAY!! Gorgeous writing and truly exceptional acting. Mary Kate Arnold brings the  countess fully to life, imbuing her with a humanity and beauty that  makes her actions all the more believable and horrifying. A wonderful evening at the theater!” – Laura S.
“McDaris’ script is not only exquisitely paced and structured, but it is incredibly intelligent as well.” – Alyson Grauer
“Dark subject matter handled deftly, surprising moments of humor and pathos… it was very pleasant to hear non-Shakespearean verse that was just as passionate and fiery as the Bard’s.” – Jeremiah Barr
“And, of course, the play would be nothing without the expertly crafted writing.” – Stephanie Plus Verb
“Ladies and gentlemen, you have to see the show! But you might wanna leave the kiddies at home. It is brutal, intense, tension so thick you could cut it with a knife (might take a couple passes even). One HELL of a show!” – Dylan Crow
“While the countess, Mary Kate, is freaking terrifying, the show is amazing.” – Bennett Decker Bottero
“One hell of a show… It is not very often you can see a bold performance like that even in the place like Chicago.” – Artur Michalowicz

Stage Manager: Tiffany Tuck
Assistant Stage Manager: Matthew James Marquez
Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lighting: Benjamin Dionysus
Composer, “The Fairy Queen”: Arne Parrott
Choreographer, “The Fairy Queen”: Sarah Liz Bell
Fight Direction: Orion Couling
Fight Captains: Justin Verstraete, Lana Whittington
Production Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
Director: Jared McDaris

Countess Elizabeth Bathory:
Mary-Kate Arnold
Count Ferenc Nadasdy:
Elliott Sowards
Count John Drugeth:
Nathan Ducker
Anna Darvolya / Erzi Majorova:
Katy Jenkins
Helena Jo:
Kaelea Rovinsky
Aiyanna Wade
King Matthias II: Joshua Carroll
Duke George Thurzo:
Chris Aruffo
Petr Zavodsky:
Sarah Jean Tilford
Johnno et al:
Justin Verstraete
Susanna Woodseam et al:
Julianna Brecher
Katalin et al:
Sarah Liz Bell
Jane Maridova et al:
Lana Whittington
Understudy for George Thurzo:
JD Whigham


Poster Art by The Monster Ghost

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