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A Thousand Times Goodnight

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DATES: July – August
VENUE: The Right Brain Project
SYNOPSIS: An Elizabethan Comedy based on 1001 Arabian Nights. The play follows Scheherazade, a Persian maiden (one of few left) who volunteers to wed the bloodthirsty Sultan (a tyrant with a broken heart), in the hopes of remolding him to a better king. Featuring plays-within-the-play (Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sinbad), A Thousand Times Goodnightdraws its inspiration chiefly from Taming of the Shrew and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

We had an awesome time!! Brava/Bravo to all the actors, playwright, and production team! I love seeing theatre that leaves you energized at the end.” – Emily Brantz
Such a great show! Laughed a lot, booed, cheered, hissed, clapped, all sorts of good feels.” – Peter Hammer

Stage Manager: Kiri Palm
Costumes: Delena Bradley
Lighting: Benjamin Dionysus
Fight Direction: Zack Meyer
Production Photos: iNDie Grant Productions
Director: Jared McDaris

Scheherazade: Miona Lee
The Sultan: Stephen Rowland
The Vizier: Chris Aruffo
Dinyzade: Elise Zell
Shah Zaman: Nathan Ducker
Alma: Sarah Jean Tilford
The Clown: AJ Miller

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