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Passion of Boudicca: Photos

Here’s a few production photos our 2017 production of The Passion of Boudicca.

Photos can now be seen here.

Photos courtesy of iNDie Grant Productions.
Costumes by Kat Anderson.
Lighting by Benjamin Dionysus.

‘Let Women War’ Concludes

Thank you to everyone who helped make Let Women War what it was. Production photos for The Passion of Boudicca and The Wayward Women are now open for viewing.

Let Women War!

[The Production is now closed]


Ensemble Sought for The Passion of Boudicca

ENG151196034  01

Boadicea Haranguing The Britons. John Opie, R.A. (1761-1807). Oil On Canvas.

We Three is looking to cast the last member of our six-person ensemble for our September production of The Passion of Boudicca. We are seeking experienced actor-combatants.

The Passion of Boudicca is a new Elizabethan-style verse play following the military campaign of the legendary queen of the Britons, who sought to expel the Roman Empire from her borders.

All performers receive a token payment of $50, due no later than September 9 (opening weekend).

If interested, please send your resume to jared@wethreeplays.com.

All actors will be allowed to read the script before accepting their role.

As actor-combatants, the Ensemble will be principal participants in two-to-four alarum scenes (as our schedule allows). The actors playing Gaius and Mutius will participate in two other fight scenes with lead actors.

All violence will be managed by a professionally-trained violence director (Christopher Elst) and fight-captained by an actor selected from the Ensemble (Lana Whittington).

Time Commitment: Ensemble will be asked to meet between four and eight times in July, as schedules allow, to focus on alarum fights. Rehearsal time will also be made in August (no more than once or twice a week). The actors playing the 1st Briton, 2nd Briton and Roman Knight will be expected to attend any rehearsals dealing with their respective scenes. The actors playing Gaius, Mutius, and the sixth non-speaking role will be asked to attend relevant scenes at their discretion. There will be at least four full-runs before Tech, featuring the alarums, in the latter half of August.

The Cast of The Passion of Boudicca



Sarah Liz Bell, Sean Foer, Sabrina Harms, Kevin Johnson, Kate Lass, Lana Whittington,

All tickets are FREE!

The Passion of Boudicca will be staged at Chase Park (4701 N Ashland) with the generous cooperation of Fury Theatre.

September 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 21, 22, 29, 30
Curtain at 7:30pm

The Passion of Boudicca: Casual Reading

ENG151196034  01Join us November 12 at 11am for a casual reading of The Passion of Boudicca, an Elizabethan-style tragedy.

DATE: Saturday, November 12
TIME: 11:00am to 1:00pm, with a discussion afterward

We’re looking to get feedback on how to improve the script, both as an exercise in Elizabethan drama and with a specific eye for production.

Queen Boudicca wished to maintain rule over the Iceni (who lived roughly in the Suffolk region) after the death of her husband, King Prasutagus. The Romans felt they were now the rightful owners of the region, and supported this argument by sacking her town, scourging her, and sexually assaulting her daughters. Boudicca countered this point by gathering the local tribes and completely kicking the nine shits out of the Roman army for several years. Taking its inspiration chiefly from Antony & Cleopatra and As You Like It (with a tiny sprinkling of King Lear and Henry VI), The Passion of Boudicca pits Pride against Love, Law against Integrity, and Nature against Individuality.

PLEASE BE FOREWARNED: This play deals (among other things) with sexual assault. It is not depicted onstage, but it does happen during the course of the play, and it is discussed frequently.

CHARACTERS (In speaking order)

Catus, a Roman lord (Read by JD Whigham)

Maeve, the Queen’s daughter (Read by Katy Jenkins)

Cassio Dion, a Roman captain (Read by Nathan Ducker)

Brigid, the Queen’s daughter (Read by Sarah Jean Tilford)

Tacit, a Roman captain (Read by Charlie Baker)

Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni Britons, sometimes called the Queen or Lady of Suffolk (Read by Jessica Goforth)

Scyllia, A Braggart, who tromps about the Leafy Wood (Read by Kaelea Rovinsky)

Paulinus, a Roman Governor (Read by Christopher Elst)

A Clown, called Modred, who lives in the Leafy Wood (TBA)

Helio, a Briton shepherd who lives in the Leafy Wood (Read by Kamron Palmer)

Ester, a Briton shepherd who lives in the Leafy Wood (Read by Gilly Guire)

Beatrice, a Foundling who fights in the Briton army (TBA)

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