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The Wayward Women at Poetry Talk

A scene from The Wayward Women will be featured on Peter Storey’s Poetry Talk, a monthly show discussing contemporary poetics.


Stop by the Public House Theater September 13th at 8pm. Guests include Jacob Saenz, Robyn Shanae, and Jared McDaris. Immediately following McDaris’ interview, The Wayward Women‘s Act 2, Scene 1 will be staged, featuring Adrian Garcia, Gilly Guire, Alexandra Boroff, and Katy Jenkins reprising their original roles.

You can also check out original production photos by iNDie Grant Productions right here!


“Leave the dying bee to buzz itself away.” Katy Jenkins, Gilly Guire, Alexandra Boroff, and Adrian Garcia in Act 2, Scene 1 of the world premier of The Wayward Women. Costumes by Delena Bradley. Lighting by Benjamin Dionysus. Photo by iNDie Grant Productions.

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