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Countess Bathory Opens June 9th


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DATES: June 9 – 25 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings)

VENUE: 4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 405


SYNOPSIS: Countess Bathory is an Elizabethan-style tragedy based on the life of Elizabeth Bathory. Alleged to have brutally murdered hundreds of servants and bathed in the blood of young women to retain her legendary beauty, Elizabeth Bathory was simultaneously a subject of persecution and a powerful political figure in 16th and 17th century Hungary. Countess Bathory, modeled after Richard III, takes all the rumor and myth as fact, depicting Elizabeth as a mad tyrant fighting desperately to overcome her detractors, her political opponents, and her own dissolving grip on reality.


Elizabeth Bathory, Countess of Csejthe

Anna Darvolya, maidservant and tutor to Elizabeth

Helena Jo, a wild woman, maidservant to Elizabeth

Kate, a maidservant, later mirror-bearer to Elizabeth, later standard-bearer to Elizabeth

Jane Maridova, a despoiled commoner, later maidservant to Elizabeth

Susanna, a maidservant

Erzi Majorova, a forest witch

Ferenc de Nadasd, Husband to Elizabeth, Count of Csejthe, general of the Hungarian army

His Standard-Bearer

Matthias II, King of Hungary

Count John Drugeth, cousin to the Hapsbergs, emissary of the King

Duke George Thurzo, cousin to Elizabeth, later the Palatine of Hungary

Petr Zavodsky, adjunct to Thurzo

The King’s Spy

Katalin, a young noblewoman

Priest of the Church

Various nobles, servants, and soldiers


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