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WE THREE’S Production of

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Is seeking a


COMPENSATION: $300 (single sum payment)

TO APPLY: Email resume to jared@wethreeplays.com.


  1. Facilitating communication between the Producer, Actors, and Designers whenever necessary.
  2. Managing all Rehearsals (excepting those excluded by an approved absence), ensuring that such Rehearsals run smoothly and productively, and stay reasonably within the confines of their respective schedules.
  3. “Holding book,” and prompting Actors of their lines whenever requested.
  4. Maintaining a log of blocking for the Actors, only when requested.
  5. Managing all Performances, ensuring that such Performances run smoothly and productively, and stay reasonably within the confines of their respective schedules.
  6. Operation of the Production’s lighting and sound equipment during Tech Rehearsals, Dress Rehearsals, and Performances.
  7. Supervision and light/reasonable maintenance of the Production’s costumes, masks, and props.
  8. Front-of-house Supervision: Managing audience payment and access to The Venue for performances.
  9. Attendance and supervision at Strike: ensuring that the Production’s properties and set pieces are properly disassembled and removed, that all costumes are returned to their respective destinations, and that all other properties of the Production are removed from the Venue.
    1. The Stage Manager is not required to physically assist with the disassembly of the set, only to supervise and ensure it is done.

An ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER will be provided to assist in the performance of the STAGE MANAGER’S duties.

VENUE: The Right Brain Project Theatre (4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 405)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Rehearsals: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturday Rehearsals: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
PERFORMANCES: 6:00pm call, 7:30pm Curtain

Bathory May

Bathory June

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