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The Wayward Women: Kind Words


Here are some flattering words from a debut audience member, Patrick Bushnell

“Hey Chicago friends,
I had the pleasure of seeing a very entertaining play in the Shakespearean style last night. Enjoy all of the word-play, sharp wit, and bawdiness that you love from that period. The actors and actresses all delivered fantastic performances with great presence, enthusiasm, and expression. The intimate setting at this theater affords you the joy of seeing their expressions up close, giving you a feeling of almost being part of the show.
The costume design by Delena Bradley was simply terrific; the costumes were beautiful and obviously meticulously crafted, and helped immensely to set the scene for the show. Also contributing to the atmosphere was the lighting. Quite often, the lighting of a show does not stand out to me; but this show was greatly enhanced by some outstanding lighting designs. They lent themselves perfectly to specific themes and emotions.
I enjoyed this play so much that I went on a research hunt to find out who penned it. To my surprise, I couldn’t find “The Wayward Women” anywhere. After a little more digging, I found out that Jared McDaris wrote this himself! I can’t stress this enough, I was astounded this wasn’t an actual Shakespeare play that I somehow missed- he displays such a talent for writing dialogue that I will endeavor to see any play he’s written.
I cannot recommend this show enough; go, have a couple drinks, and see this play. It is original, playful, hilarious, and you can tell that every single person involved in this production put everything they had into it.
A solid 4 of 4 stars; do yourself a favor and go see “The Wayward Women”. I promise you will have a fantastic experience. To top it all off, tickets are only $3!! Don’t forget to let all of these wonderful folks know what you thought of it. Support your local thespians!”

And that’s just dandy.

March 17 – April 2
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays @ 7:00pm
Mary’s Attic, 5400 N Clark St
$3 at the Door

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