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The Wayward Women: Alexandra Boroff

Boroff HSTHE WAYWARD WOMEN opens TONIGHT at Mary’s Attic (5400 N Clark St)


Q: How long have you been in Chicago?
I have been in Chicago for 8.5 years now. I work with 2 companies more than anything else. The first is Unrehearsed Shakespeare where I am the Managing Director (performing As You Like It in late April!) and the second is EDGE Theatre, where I am the General Manager (gearing up for 1776 in September!).

Q: What can you tell us about Dame Grendela the Green?
ALEXANDRA: Dame Grendela is a loud, confident, aggressive Knight in Amosa. She feels that drinking, partying, and sleeping around improves her character and makes her a better warrior. You might compare her to Shakespeare’s Toby Belch or Falstaff. Try not to be offended by her lack of filter, but sit back and enjoy the ride!

Q: THE WAYWARD WOMEN takes place on the fictional isle of Amosa, a matriarchal society. Does this differ much from other plays you’ve performed in? Does it affect your performance at all?
ALEXANDRA: I have not performed many roles based in a fictional matriarchal society, but I have had the great pleasure of playing some similar characters in Shakespeare during my work in Unrehearsed Shakespeare. In the past I’ve been able to play Toby Belch (from Twelfth Night) and Don Pedro (from Much Ado About Nothing). Also, in college, I was in a wonderful show called North Shore Fish by Israel Horowitz where I played a similarly blunt, loud, aggressive woman named Josie from north Boston. These characters absolutely inspire my take on Grendela. My work with Unrehearsed Shakespeare specifically taught me how to get the audience on my side and break through the 4th wall, and that is incredibly useful in this role!

Q: What experience do you have with Shakespeare? Have you got a favorite Elizabethan play? Character?
ALEXANDRA: I studied Shakespeare a bit in high school and really fell in love with the plays in college. My favorite play is Twelfth Night. I have always said my favorite character was Maria, but I think in the past few years Toby Belch is coming in a close second. They lead with joy and don’t focus inward on the negative things in life. I love Shakespeare because it forces me to tell the story with both my voice and my body to get the message across to those unfamiliar with the plays. I love performing for people new to Shakespeare and seeing them fall in love with the stories with me!

Q: Dame Grendela is an expert warrior, boozer, and insulter. Do you relate at all to this character, or is she a complete stranger to you?
ALEXANDRA: I am an expert warrior, boozer, and insulter myself! Except, I don’t know how to fight, and don’t really drink that much. I insult with the best of them though. I’ve been told that I’m quite sarcastic and good at twisting people’s words for my own amusement, so I guess I have that in common with Grendela. I think what I relate to the most is her desire to tell stories. Grendela likes to paint pictures with her words and be the center of attention in the room. If that means taking stage physically or vocally, she’ll do it. I think I have the tendency to take over a room when I want to, be that a positive trait or not 🙂

Q: Do you have a favorite line?
ALEXANDRA: I have 2!
1) “Pray call me Pandemonium, name me satyr. Faunus in the flesh, for I will sport most ev’ry way it could be said.”
2) “..we will do contrition for our Sins and not the pondering of them.”

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us! Ponder not!
March 17 – April 2

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays
Mary’s Attic, 5400 N Clark Street
$3 at the Door

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