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The Wayward Women: Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller HS copyTHE WAYWARD WOMEN opens March 17 at Mary’s Attic (5400 N Clark St)


Q: How long have you been in Chicago?
LAUREN: Chicago?  We’re on an island.  Who ARE you?  Males have limited privileges here, but I do have some power in that regard…

Q: What can you tell us about The Magistress?
LAUREN: The Magistress is The Most Important Person in the entire show.  Why do you ask?

Q: THE WAYWARD WOMEN is set on the fictional Island of Amosa, a matriarchal society. Does this differ much from other performances?
: This matriarchal thing is a total misunderstanding.  Our real problem is that we have zero diversity.  Men coming along occasionally is scant comfort in that regard.  And you can only imagine the issues that GLBT folks endure here, it is a quite a problem.  Of course staying in closets beats the hell out of standing behind curtains waiting to be stabbed, so I guess that’s something.

Q: What experience do you have with Shakespeare? Have you got a favorite play? Character?
: Who’s that?  You mean that Willy??  Is he Jewish???  How old????

Q: Like many of Shakespeare’s advisers, the Magistress enjoys little control over others, and in fact (like some Poloniuses) often has a poor understanding of what’s going on. Do you relate to this character at all, or is she a complete stranger to you?
LAUREN: Oy, this control thing.  Working here is like having to herd cats, I have to tell you.  I should contact my union.

Q: Do you have a favorite line?

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
LAUREN: Where’s the tequila? This is hard work.

Did we mention this play is performed in a Bar?

March 17 – April 2

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays
Mary’s Attic, 5400 N Clark Street
$3 at the Door

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