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The Wayward Women: Katy Jenkins

Jenkins HSTHE WAYWARD WOMEN opens March 17 at Mary’s Attic (5400 N Clark St)


Q: How long have you been in Chicago?
I’ve been in Chicago for just shy of three years now, following my graduation from college in May 2013. I am a troupe member of EDGE Theatre. I was most recently involved in a touring production of EDGE’s MacSith as Witch 1 and Ross. Light sabers and Shakespeare? Can’t go wrong there!

Q: What can you tell us about Pinne?
KATY: Pinne is a total sweetheart who gets constantly overlooked or put down because, as she says, “the greater people” make her nervous. Behind her socially awkward nature, there’s a really smart girl who sees everything and probably knows everybody’s secrets. She’s really very easy to like because she’s constantly looked down on and you just want her to win at something sometime. (She just wants to sing her song, okay?!) Everybody’s been there before, be it only a moment or two or a seemingly constant state. It feels good to cheer for the little underdog, to wish her strength. Pinne does show those smarts as the play goes on, so all is well! (She just wants to sing her song, though…)

Q: Pinne, arguably, has the clearest developmental arc in this play, going from a suppressed, socially inept introvert to an articulate, outspoken woman. Do you relate to this character at all, or is she a complete stranger to you?
KATY: Oh boy, do I relate to Pinne? Yes, yes, yes. I was very much like Pinne’s start-of-the-show self growing up, and still find myself there a bit too much for my liking. Finding yourself constantly on the outskirts of your society is disheartening to say the least. However, like Pinne, I found that a good friend or two can really bring out the best in you, even if that personal best isn’t easy to come by. End-of-show Pinne will be a good knight, when the time comes. She still has much more to learn, but she’s headed in the right direction. I like to think that’s the best place to be. Never forget that you can always learn more, but keep moving in the right direction.

Q: Favorite line?
KATY: My favorite little bit comes at the end of Aquiline’s speech at the end of 4.3: “I shall be more than ever that I’ve been / This Night’s no end: tonight my Life begins.” That speech is my favorite in the whole show, and that line’s my favorite of the speech! The favorite of the favorite!

Help Pinne Win! Check out

March 17 – April 2

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays
Mary’s Attic, 5400 N Clark Street
$3 at the Door

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