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Auditions: The Wayward Women

Unre IconTHE WAYWARD WOMEN (Or: Nothing To Do)

An Elizabethan-style comedy.

Rehearsals start February 20, Teching March 15 & 16, running March 17th to April 2nd (Thur/Fri/Sat).

Auditions will take place at 4001 N Ravenswood Ave (Ste. 405)

Dec 11 (Friday): 6pm to 10pm

Dec 12 (Saturday): 12pm to 4pm

Or by appointment, as necessary

The production will be staged in Mary’s Attic at 5400 N Clark St.

Synopsis: Cordelius, a banished lover, and his bondman Julian wash up on a strange land, where women rule and men are the weaker sex. Duchess Penti Celia welcomes them to Amosa’s Festival of the New Moon, but the celebrations are marred by the hilarious dueling (physical, verbal, and psychological) of the wastrel knights Dame Anu (the virtuous) and Dame Grendela (the flatulent). Paying homage to Twelfth Night and featuring overt nods to Hamlet (and a handful of other Shakespearean masterpieces), The Wayward Women is a light-hearted exploration of what people do after outliving their proscribed purposes.


Dame Anu (F, 20s or older): A pious and proper knight, Dame Anu descants on virtue when not recounting (and exaggerating) her martial accomplishments. She seeks to protect the lovely Cordelius from the lecherous Dame Grendela, but Anu seems far more interested in vexing her adversary (and impressing the boy). Inspired by: Malvolio (Twelfth Night), Don Armado (Love’s Labours Lost)

Magistress Dotara (F, 30s or older): An ironically ill-informed advisor, Dotara spends much of her time trying (and failing) to figure out what is going on. Though ever the peacemaker, her lack of subtlety often exacerbates the conflicts she hopes to resolve. The actor must be able to portray, through physicality and/or vocal quality, someone who could conceivably be the mother of a twenty-year-old. Inspired by: Gonzalo (The Tempest), Polonius (Hamlet)

Flachel (M, any age): A precursor on the island, Flachel attempts to rob the male heroes, before warning them of the alleged dangers of Amosa and fleeing the land. This actor will have minimal rehearsal requirements. Inspired by: Montano (Othello), the Third Outlaw (Two Gentlemen of Verona)

Swiss Messenger (M, any age): A deus ex machina if ever there was one, “The Switzer” appears late in the play to resolve a central conflict with some very concise and quite tongue-in-cheek monologs. This actor will have minimal rehearsal requirements. Inspired by: Emilia (Comedy of Errors), Valentine (Twelfth Night)

PAY: Some Pay ($50)

CATEGORY: Non-Equity Audition

CONTACT: Jared@WeThreePlays.com

PREPARE: Sides provided prior to audition

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